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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Free Ticket to the Movies

I went this past weekend
To the movies, ‘The descendants’
They say it will get an Oscar
I walked out .Twice.

An unbelievable story they told
 A wife hit by a jet ski
Comatose, On life support
They have to pull the switch. No hope

Poisonous relations with his daughters
I cannot comprehend any person talking
to his children his way
Hazel  says it got better. I was long gone

The descendants were the family
Selling their land to a developer
High rises, hotel complexes, against beautiful Hawaii
Natural beauty .A common issue.

His wife was having an affair
Clooney wanted the lover
to say goodbye, Before the
switch off.  The lover could care less.

Any issue is enough for
a lifetime, But four in an hour fifty
Too much, But Hazel and her friend liked it
Making me wonder many things.

I went back in . Just as he was screaming
at his  older daughter. Out again
I wondered if this was the reason
Only women go to book clubs

and only read fiction. For this was
fiction to excess. I complained.
They had a policy. Gave me a ticket
to another movie .Next week.