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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Militant Feminism

Militant Feminism

Thank you dear friend of our recent tour,
For telling us who started the 100 year war with France….
I had no idea who was this Edward III
So I smart phoned him ….And unearthed a great story.

The story of Isabella of France, daughter of a king of France,
Married to a king of England, a gay king of England.
An Isabella who, on a visit back to France accused
Each of her three brothers of being cuckolded.

She invaded England with her lover,
Roger Mortimer. And won .
Mortimer supposedly arranging for the killing of her husband, the English king,
With a red hot poker.

She came with her son, Edward III.
She and Mortimer reigned just 4 years,
For her son rallied the barons, and took his crown
Mortimer he hung at Tyburn .

Isabella was placed under castle arrest - well financed and loosely enforced,
But the interesting story is her three brothers ,  
LouisPhilip and Charles.
none of whom had children.

So the Capetian line died out.
Edward III claimed the French throne through her.
Daughter of the French king
But she was never a queen, always claimant.

Her brothers’ wives imprisoned or killed. 
The guilty knights, if guilty, after torture, killed. Those who should know
agree that they were castrated, drawn and quartered or flayed alive, 
Broken on a wheel, then hung.

And a hundred years of war followed –
Crecy, Agincourt and finally Joan of Arc at Chinon,
But there is much more. 
The curse of Jacques de Molay,

 The last of the Knights Templar, retracting a confession
Made under torture
 While being burnt at the stake. A curse on Isabella’s father,
 And on Clement V the pope.

On the fulfilment of this curse  
Much has been written.
They were not happy times. I hope that
the world has come a long way since.