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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Words, we are told,
are the setting
of ourselves apart. They
are the reason why
we have conquered our distant past.

I have met many people
who talk well.
Some a lot,
Some eloquently.
Some exactly, precisely, knowingly.

But still an inadequate skill.
For in our hearts, inside our souls
the depth of our thoughts,
our lives, our loves, our hopes
are, inexplicable, impenetrable.

If we do not know ourselves
we cannot  understand
why deeply we search….what
our unknown depths
are truly saying.

And if we know not ourselves,
we cannot speak to others.
Nor can we understand
what they have cried out to us
Now and for years past.

Are they empty, wasted cries?
Never to be answered.
Or will the day come,
that day of awakening,
when we will understand?

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