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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Storm on an island in a black-grey ocean

Rain drumming incessantly on a tin roof,
Drowning conscious thought
The noise of rain and trees conquers all.

Morning at last;
Emerging sun, broken trees,
flooded pathways, leaves
An island, green and awakening, emerging.

An isle of magic beauty,
Set in a blue-blue ocean
The land of Tusitala
The teller of tales

A land of vivid history
A speck on a wide blue ocean,
Traded among the great powers
Over wars set far from its shores,

Its people were traded too
In a history of their own.
Plus explorers and pirates,
Traders and missionaries.

Aggie Grey and Robert Louis
Bully Hayes and the bible society
All have left their mark
On this green and verdant land

All are there, a society of chiefs;
in the churches on Sunday,
on customs so strange,
In this beautiful island in a blue-blue ocean

Where from the edge
You can see tomorrow.

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