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Saturday, May 14, 2011


It has been a long time, Tub
Since we’ve talked together
We should have done something then, Tub,
for it is happening now over again

There was the nation’s policeman
Who said the world was not so safe
But he backed completely off
When the politicians told him what to say.

And the General of the Army
who agreed with the politicians
Yet a million of us ordinary people,
Believed it to be the other way

WMD have come and gone
This time the intelligence services
with names like DIO and ASIO,
ASIS and Pinocchio
Where nobody knows who told what to who

He has won control in the voting, Tub.
So expect it to get much worse
‘ll be easier now to take people’s jobs
and throw them on the street,
in the name of a god called Growth.

I told you before it was time in jail
For speaking out too loud
Dead still we stopped that one then Tub.
But it will come up again now soon,
And the possibility does really exist,
that I might get it too.

My family too has gone its own ways, too
We told you we were worried then,
And now it is more than two years later,
Two sadder people.
That is the world, Tub

1 comment:

  1. Begins to remind me of what the world might have been . . . in 1939. The ISI, the CIA, slam dunk, shock und awe, weeks not months or years, ten years later. People still being killed in the name of what . . . oh, big oil . . . and super profits.