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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He apologised for the awkwardness of his wings

Awkwardness is a word
Of a type that I’ve often heard
Its like the word mosquiter
Not easy to match the meter
Nor do you have the time
To make the damn word rhyme
And worst when set in an exercise
To use the word apologise


There was a  drake called Dings
Who apologised for the size of his wings,
Every time that
He went to bat
On a duck by the name of Linglings

For their length was such
That he couldn’t do much
Although he often tried
To take a long ride
Using his wings as a sort of a crutch

For if you ever have been
Where a duck and a drake aren’t seen
Doing what they shouldn’t oughta
And that’s trying it out in the water
You’d see why Lings was never too keen

And the reason is that
He would go very flat
As his wings would drag
And cause him to sag
Somewhat like a drowning rat

And whenever they try
On the beach to lie
After he had taught her
To get out of the water
His wing on Ling was as high as the sky

So for a good duck’s sake,
If you’re  a drake on the make
The lesson for each -  don’t try on the beach                    
To get her peach is too long a reach.

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