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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just two or a bit.
Near total joy.
The words we all use.
A warm and willing smile,
outstretched arms, his,
reaching out to us. Irresistible.
Love, infinitesimal, immeasurable,
his without asking.

The legacy of us all,
is also his.
The overriding self,
the “Mine!”, “Mine!”,
the unbelievable tantrum,
the instant demand. Unsatisfiable.
They are also his, from aeons past.

Lasting  an eternity,
tho’ sometimes only seconds
then the Max of much love
returns again.

The years will pass,
G’andi will go.
The love, the lessons,
will never cease
from two people
with infinite care and patience.

And Max will join the adult world
Thinking. More careful with words,
“Mine”  “Mine” long gone.
Not perfect, we never are,
but now
ready to pass on lessons of his own.

Read at  XXI World Congress of Poets, Sydney, 2001

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