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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My virtual reality

Found at last an office
in that dirty unknown town
Just a desk in fact. One in an arc of desks
a half circle in a green brown field .

A messy desk, a scattered litter
so moved to an empty one
a few desks further on the arc,
A stranger came to share, a rough one
I don’t know why he was there
But I don’t know why I was either.

I was sealing an envelope, torn at one end
Couldn’t find  new envelopes
between us each with half messed desks,
Went back to the old desk, but none were there,
so tried to seal it with dirty tape,
which stuck to my fingers, 
knotted like a tangled fishing line
sticking to me, the envelope, itself
The envelop wouldn’t seal.

Looked for new tape,
my desk sharer had put  it in his bag
along with a dozen
empty sticky tape reels

A shout from a desk across the field
The dog playing happily
by a small muddy patch
Was pulling himself out
covered in mud
left side hanging, leg dragging behind

He looked to me. piteously
His leg was slit long , I could see inside , to the bone
I cradled him close
Where, where could I find help for him
In this unknown and dirty town ?

My world suddenly became half dark,
It had not been a good that night
The envelope was gone; the dog was OK
My virtual existence
had become real

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