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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Out of darkness comes a man
with the best and worst of us within him,
A man who rebelled with arms and explosive
As his only path to justice.

What today do we call the man
who fights that way for freedom in his land?

Twenty six years of his life it cost him,
With months in solitary confinement,
And years of breaking rock.
a cell of stark nothingness,
The brutality, the invasion, the denial,
of letters, of contact with those who love and care.

From it emerged one above us all,
That we, good, bad, and so ordinary,
could never be. And for most
would never wish to be.

A man who has a thousand reasons
to hate more than most. A man who struggled
and won with those who had hated him.
The world has a need for such a man.

Nelson Mandela was a man struggling for freedom for his people, but sent to jail as a terrorist. Yet he could forgive. He must be regarded as a great moral leader.

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